About Us

Our names are Cory and Emily, and we are the founders of Essential Mason Candles. We have two beautiful girls, Halona and Charlie, our son Archer, two crazy dogs, Jordy and Aries and a Maine Coon named Linus. Candle making started as something that we wanted to do on the side together and it quickly turned into something that we became really passionate about.
We committed to the idea of making it a business in November 2019, and spent the next 5 months developing our plan. We created hundreds of test candles to dial in our products to what we have today. We created systems and processes to manage our manufacturing, product quality, inventory, orders, customer support, etc. On April 27th, 2020 we turned on our website and announced we were open for business. It has been an amazing learning experience and we look forward to continuing to grow our company. 
Our goal is to give you the best quality, natural candles that we can offer with a variety of scents that everyone will enjoy.